Industrial Design
HTC Creative Labs Intern Project
Duration: 8 weeks
Status: Prototyping, Rebrand, CMF
Canvas is a flexible touch canvas to improve workplace collaboration and productivity.
An Evolving Workforce
By the year 2026, nearly one quarter of the workforce will be over the age of 55. This well-trained demographic is crucial to maintaining the economy; however, there are detrimental stereotypes, such as the inability to use technology,  which discourages the aging population and prevents diversification in the workplace.
A Core Obstacle
"Generally speaking, fluid intelligence (such as inductive reasoning, selective attention, 'dual-task' activities, and information processing) declines with age, while verbal tasks and vocabulary (talking and expressing themselves) remain constant or improve" (CCOHS, 2020).
Aging workers provide extremely valuable experience and mentorship, but they frequently struggle when focusing on complex and fast-paced information synthesis and processing.
Objective: Create an ecosystem that makes it easier for aging workers to recall and access information from meetings, conversations, and other correspondence to reference later.
Built for the Individual
The workplace is comprised of vast and complex networks of people, teams, and organizations. To prioritize the needs of the aging workforce, Canvas was designed for the single worker. Positive growth is fostered from the ground up and building confidence and trust will empower the user to do the best work possible.
Feel the Difference
Canvas brings a tactile and familiar interaction through the stylus. The stylus allows natural handwriting and input onto the screen. The textured display makes it feel like your writing directly on paper and reduces harsh glare within bright offices and meeting rooms. 
A Focused Assistant
The supplemental touch interface updates throughout your day to provide you with the most relevant information. The widgets adapt depending on your calendar and can be easily modified to help workers be focused and productive.
Easy Maintenance
Low battery life? Sound not working? Canvas's magnetic, panel construction allows for easy hardware maintenance. Swappable units speed up maintenance and allow for proper recycling and disposal of older components.
Professionally Playful
Let Canvas reflect the personalities of your employees through three professional, gender-neutral colors. Canvas gives a sense of ownership and confidence unlike any other collaborative device.
As Adaptable As You
In any room or any office, Canvas can adapt for whatever the workday might might require. In presentation mode, Canvas can be snapped to any magnetic surface to easily share your pitch an idea or gain feedback from colleagues. 
Created in Rhino 6, Keyshot 9, and Photoshop 2020.