The Preserve Table
The Preserve table is a collaborative cooking experience to celebrate and pass down personal culture and build community through food.
The built-in induction unit brings efficiency and safety to cooking so everybody can participate and learn recipes from family and friends.
The goal is to build a positive sense of personal culture and self-identity through something we all love and can share.
Directed Storytelling
Directed storytelling is a design methodology that allows for rich, qualitative data of individuals talking about specific experiences and moments in their life. 
To identify a user-driven problem space, eight 1-hour interviews were conducted between a parent and/or grandparent and their child/grandchild. 
How can we preserve family and cultural recipes to promote
positive food memories, healthier eating, and cultural identity?
Communal Cooking
The cooking table had a strong link to specialty communal cooking that already occurs across so many cultures meaning it could easily be adapted into daily habits. 
Localized Materials
Materials stimulate the senses and spark emotions. To foster the trust and togetherness brought about by cooking, Preserve's design can be customized using locally sourced materials to ensure it feels as much of a part of the home as it looks.
Bringing Everyone Together
A simplistic parts list reduces unit cost, shipping cost, and environmental impact. The table is meant to bring people together and should therefore be available to all.
Created in Rhino 6, Keyshot 10, and Photoshop 2020.