Furniture Design
DIS København Study Abroad
Duration: 7 Weeks
Status: Complete
Slow down, relax, & take it all in.
As most can relate, it's sometimes hard to make time for yourself. We get caught up in the constant grind to always do better that we forget about self care. Being a temporary Dane, I was reminded that to do your best work, you also have to find your daily joys and slow down to build up momentum. My chair pays homage to this restful and honest mindset found in Danish design and culture.
The Hvilestol was constructed during my 11 weeks abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Created simply from maple, the exposed joints cut through the lamination to secure the seat and back without any other structural supports. The lounge chair invites you to take a break, read a book, or meditate with it's inviting and rounded forms. It was an honor to study under the most amazing cabinet makers, and I truly feel like a piece of Denmark is coming home with me.

Indiana  ->  Chicago (ORD)  ->  Copenhagen (CPH)

Honesty in Design
Denmark is an honest culture. From their food to their furniture, Danes are proud of their simple and transparent lifestyles. They are sincere and strive to improve the overall quality of life for everybody. Danish honesty is about being authentic and knowing when you need to step back from the craziness of life. We have to be honest to others and ourselves.
Handcrafted Details
I discovered the intricate beauty encapsulated by the great Danish designers. The culturally iconic chairs by Arne Jacobsen. The astounding material experiments of Poul Kjærholm. The never ending ambitions of Hans Wegner to build the perfect chair.
I explored local furniture showrooms, manufacturers, and second-hand shops to actually feel and measure their masterful and innovative craft. Under the guidance of master Danish cabinetmakers, I implemented my research to properly proportion a chair to the human body. 
From the optimal 104-degree seat angle to the gently rounded legs that make the seat float, the Hvilestol was crafted to allow oneself to slow down and calmly reflect on life. 
Hvilestol (Resting Chair)
As I continue to explore new places, meet new people, and try new things, I continually challenged myself to slow down and reflect on the world in front of me. A glacier melting before my eyes, a wall that was a symbol of division transformed into a symbol of self-expression, and friends to share these unforgettable experiences with. 
I learned to slow down. Be present. Rest.