Our evolution towards technology that harmonizes with nature.

Biodesign Sprint x Google
What if devices decayed gracefully into the environment? What if they acted more like organisms that could be composted, or perhaps heal themselves when damaged? 
Imagine a future without e-waste and its environmental impacts. This can include concepts around recycling technologies and processes, e-waste disposal, and other end-of-life solutions. 
Today, e-waste accounts for more than two-thirds of heavy metals in landfills, and only nine percent of plastics in the US are recycled.
Team: Alexis Tran, Bruno Bertolo, Jie Chen, Justin Mamaril, Lauren Para
Role: Research, Prototype, Video/Animation, Graphics, 3D Model

As semi-finalists, we presented our proposal to a panel of judges from Google Hardware and the Biodesign Challenge.

What if our devices were designed to be easily broken-down and repurposed in a circular ecosystem?

Our teardown of a Google Pixel 3 XL to understand how electronics are constructed.

Using the sugarcane byproduct, bagasse, we explore how PCBs could be stitched into the metal housing of a phone.

How might these hardware components be repurposed into other products?

Created in After Effects, Premiere, Cinema 4D, Rhino 7, Audition, Photoshop, and Illustrator.